Massages are relaxing, but most massages actually involve pressure that completely bypasses the lymphatic system, the system responsible for natural detoxification. Pressotherapy utilizes a lighter pressure to deliver a host of health and beauty benefits from increased lymphatic drainage, and Rejuvenate Spa NY in the Bronx offers this relaxing treatment.

The Pressotherapy Treatment Process

Pressotherapy involves the application of light pressure delivered through a specialized suit that inflates around the desired areas, most commonly arms and legs. The pressure facilitates lymphatic drainage, which:

  • Removes toxins from muscles and other tissues
  • Regulates fluid retention, decreasing swelling
  • Relieves inflammation and inflammation-induced pain

Pressotherapy also stimulates circulation for more effective detoxification as well as cellulite reduction.

Benefits Of Pressotherapy

You may get pressotherapy by itself, but it can also be used as a complementary therapy to enhance the effects of other slimming treatments or to facilitate recovery from surgery.

Pressotherapy is an ideal pre- and post-operative treatment for liposuction and cavitation body contouring treatments.

Pressotherapy Preparations And Contraindications

For most people, increased circulation and lymphatic drainage only offers health benefits. However, there are some health conditions that increase the risks of pressotherapy. You should not get pressotherapy if:

  • You have/had deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • You have/had cardiac heart failure
  • An acute limb infection

Your licensed esthetician will ensure you are a good candidate for pressotherapy during your free initial consultation. Contact us to schedule yours today.

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