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Spa treatments are an excellent way to relax and enhance your health while living your busy life in New York. Due to the vast size of the city, you have a lot of choices when it comes to day spas, but none are better than Rejuvenate Spa NY. Read below four reasons to choose us over the competition to rest assured that we are the perfect spa for your needs. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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It's summer here in the Bronx, which means that you're showing more skin! The heat and sun can make it difficult to keep our skin looking its best, but the team here at Rejuvenate Spa NY is here to help you keep that dewy glow! Learn four of our favorite treatments to make your skin glow, and if you'd like to schedule an appointment with our med spa, contact us today!

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You should be able to feel comfortable in your skin, no matter your age or other conditions that you might be dealing with. That is why the team at Rejuvenate Spa NY in the Bronx offers a variety of different treatments for our customers so that they walk out of our doors with confidence and beautiful skin. Make sure that you are taking care of your complexion with the best med spa in New York when you book an appointment with us today!

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If you're looking to rejuvenate your appearance and turn back the hands of time, look no further than Rejuvenate Spa NY. We offer a variety of services that can help you achieve a youthful look, including injectables like Botox, and laser treatments that can erase wrinkles and tighten skin.

Our licensed estheticians will work with you to find the services that are best suited to your needs, and we'll deliver those treatments in a relaxing and nurturing atmosphere. So why wait? Book an appointment with us today, and in the meantime, here are four ways to look younger in 2022!


You work hard, day in and day out. Whether you’re taking care of kids, working a full-time job, taking courses on the side, or doing all of the above AND working a part-time job too, you need some time for yourself! A mini getaway, so to speak. What better way to escape your routine and refresh your mind, body, and soul and feel rejuvenated than through a magical spa experience in the Bronx?

At Rejuvenate Spa NY, there are so many spa treatments to choose from, so there’s sure to be something here that resonates with you. Whether you want a facial that’ll leave you looking and feeling your best, a whole-body treatment that cleanses your skin and contours your shape, or light therapy to promote healing and improve skin texture and tone, we have what you’re looking for. Read on to learn what popular spa treatments are available at Rejuvenate Spa NY to help you look and feel your absolute best!

The Hydrafacial

Have you heard about this fantastic treatment? It can address and improve many different skin conditions simultaneously. These are some of...


If you’re looking for a rejuvenating spa therapy that can address multiple skin conditions while leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed, try a hydrafacial. This safe spa treatment offers numerous benefits while being gentle to you and your face.

The Basics Of This Therapy

This is such a powerful treatment because it accomplishes three primary goals, thus serving as a comprehensive facial therapy that can address and correct many different problems simultaneously.

The first goal is to thoroughly cleanse the skin. This is accomplished by essentially vacuuming out the pores, deep cleaning them to remove dirt, bacteria, and oils that have accumulated over time. These impurities are removed employing an effective spiral suction technique.

The second goal is all about exfoliating, which removes dull, dead skin cells that can otherwise become trapped, clogging pores and creating dry, flaky patches. Exfoliation leaves your skin softer and more receptive to receiving the benefits of moisturizing lotions.

The third goal is just as...


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Rejuvenate Spa NY in the Bronx is an urban oasis where you can rejuvenate your body and spirit. We strive to offer comprehensive services and a unique approach to wellness and beauty to help you look better and feel better.

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Rejuvenate Spa NY offers an array of spa services to help you look and feel better. Our licensed estheticians find the services that best help you meet your skin care or body care goals, and we deliver those treatments in a relaxing and nurturing atmosphere.

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