Rejuvenate Spa NY in the Bronx is an urban oasis where you can rejuvenate your body and spirit. We strive to offer comprehensive services and a unique approach to wellness and beauty to help you look better and feel your best!

About The Founder

Rejuvenate Spa NY founder Jenny Pena has a wealth of education and training in esthetics and other fields. For as long as she can remember, Jenny has loved skin care, everything from knowing about how the skin works, to what to do or use to make it healthier and more youthful looking.

Jenny is a licensed esthetician, certified and trained as a colonic hydrotherapist and in a number of advanced treatments, including laser therapies, chemical peels, body wraps, teeth whitening, PRP, and more.

About The Spa

Rejuvenate Spa NY offers a retreat from your everyday cares. But we offer what many other spas do not: advanced client education. We explain how the treatments work and what results you can expect, and we provide guest takeaways with after-care instructions to ensure you get the best results from your spa treatments.

About Our Products

Rejuvenate Spa NY is proud to use and offer Dermologica products. Our professionals use these quality oils, serums, masques, moisturizers, and more for before and after facial care as well as during a number of treatments.

Make Rejuvenate Spa NY your urban oasis. Enjoy our spectrum of rejuvenating spa therapies, including effective facial spa treatments. Contact us, your spa in the Bronx, to schedule your free initial consultation.

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